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Radiomir 1940 3 Days Automatic Acciaio - 45mm


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"RADIOMIR 1940 现代设计,隽永典雅"

"在大约1940年,佛罗伦萨的沛纳海工坊完善了一款新表壳,它是为了满足意大利海军突击队员日益增加的需求而设计的。 现在,沛纳海推出充满力量和魅力的现代腕表系列,而只有经过历史的洗礼才具备这些特质。 "



P.4000自动上链机械式机芯,完全由沛纳海研制,13¾法分,厚3.95毫米,31石,Glucydur®平衡摆轮,每小时振动28,800次。KIF Parechoc®防震装置。3日动力储存,两个发条盒。203个零件。偏心式摆陀




直径45毫米,AISI 316L抛光精钢










米色 24/22.0 标准


RADIOMIR 1940,隽永出众。

"Radiomir 1940是沛纳海演进中的一个里程碑,与初批Radiomir系列腕表相比有了很大改观。为了回应意大利皇家海军提出的严苛要求,品牌对这款腕表进行加固,因此更能抵御各种恶劣条件。 第一项改变是增加了表壳的厚度,这样表耳可以与表壳一起由同一块精钢一体成型。 线型表耳被非常坚固的一体化构造所取代。 "

AISI 316L精钢

AISI 316L 1.4435精钢是沛纳海的优选材质,它具有高耐蚀性同时低过敏,与皮肤接触毫无问题。为意大利海军打造的沛纳海腕表以奥氏体不锈钢制成,这是一种可靠的材质,也能应对突击队员行动时所遇的严苛环境。

机芯 P.4000

机芯 P.4000

Officine Panerai presents the P.4000 calibre, the first automatic movement with an off-centre micro-rotor completely developed and made in the Panerai Manufacture at Neuchâtel. This design means that the rotor is mounted off-centre and is therefore smaller in diameter than the calibre itself: a sophisticated technical solution enabling the thickness of the movement to be substantially reduced. The small oscillating weight is inserted within the movement rather than superimposed upon it and the result is a calibre which preserves all the Panerai characteristics of accuracy, reliability and solidity but with a thickness of only 3.95 mm. With a diameter of 13¾ lignes (31 mm), the new calibre has a large bridge which is flanked by the small oscillating weight winding in both directions and the balance cock. The latter has twin supports, more secure and stronger than the customary overhanging balance cock with a single support. The supports have two screws for adjusting the vertical play of the balance staff. The balance wheel oscillates at 28,800 alternations per hour (equivalent to a frequency of 4 Hz). It is a balance wheel with variable inertia, that is, with screws enabling the rate to be adjusted precisely without altering the relationship of the balance spring and the bridge. Fitted with 31 jewels, the movement has a power reserve of at least three days, as a result of having two spring barrels connected in series. It is also fitted with the device which stops the balance wheel when the winding crown is pulled out, for synchronising the watch exactly. The P.4000 calibre is produced in two versions which differ in the kind of finish, the engraving and the material of the micro-rotor. The first, for models with a steel case, has bridges with a horizontally brushed finish, blue engraving and an oscillating weight of tungsten alloy, with relief decoration on the matt surface. The second version is for the models with a gold case and it has bridges with a circular brushed finish, gilded engraving and a rotor of 22 carat gold, with clous de Paris hobnail finish and polished decorations in relief on the brushed surface.